Women's Meetup: Ad Tech From OUR View

For women. By women. A meetup tailored for the women leaders of ad tech.

June 10 2021 | 11:00 AM EST | 3 PM GMT

The Agenda

On June 10, 2021, we hosted our first-ever women's meetup to give a shoutout to the women leaders of ad tech, and it was enlightening!

We were joined by experts from the BBC, Euronews, Interesting Engineering, Imagen Digital, System1, BoredPanda, Summit Media, Khaleej Times, Rappler, among others in an hour-long session.

Watch this session as the women experts unravel stories and facts about the publishing industry based on their years of experience. No slides or fluff, only thought leadership and genuine conversations!

The Panel

Emily-Roberts (1)

Manager, Online Partnerships at Google


SophieToth2 (1)

Programmatic and Ad Tech Lead - Global, Euronews


Lendele (1)

Publisher Development Manager, AdPushup




A clear and bold heading

Publishing-related questions and insights from the women leaders' perspective

Strategies from the largest brands in the publishing industry, brought live to you

Open mic on an array of topics—from content to monetization, and brand to UX