Web Publishing in a post-pandemic world

A session to look at how several aspects of digital publishing have transformed in recent times, offering key learnings for the present and for the road ahead

October 12 2021 | 12:30 PM EST | 4:30 PM GMT

The Agenda

The pandemic has given us lots of business learnings. Particularly in the context of publishing and digital ads, there have been significant developments. The digital space has gained massive momentum through various web-based activities and several new trends have emerged. All of this naturally has involved stronger protocols, guidelines, and various other related digital components.

So what are some of the critical lessons from this phase for publishers? How can these be leveraged by publishers to make best use of the current times and the fast-approaching 2022? All this and lots more will be covered at this session as industry leaders Travis Bernard (Sr. Director of Membership, TechCrunch) and Amit Shetty (Ex- VP, Programmatic Products & Partnerships, IAB Tech Lab) share key thoughts and publishing insights.

The Panel

Travis (1)

Senior Director of Membership, TechCrunch



Ex- VP, Programmatic Products & Partnerships, IAB Tech Lab

Insights you will gain

With businesses undergoing major transformations, web publishing saw new developments, changing priorities, different approaches to digital challenges, and new lessons for business growth.

It is that time of the year when advertising touches new heights, and publishers find great opportunities to monetize their website inventory, for beneficial financial outcomes.

With the ever-expanding digital horizon and trends such as CTV, safety, security, data-privacy are some of the key focus areas in the modern-day business environment.