Unifying Publishers, Programmatic and 1P Data

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The Agenda

In this webinar, Michele and Josh share how the most fundamental step in collecting data is to know the exact need for it—this is also the first step. In a world that is increasingly turning privacy-sensitive for the right reasons, it is critical to go after data is the most useful to a business, then some nice-to-have data, and to ignore the rest even if you can have access to it.

When deciding about the aspects that you should go after with respect to data, context, behavior—specifically unique patterns, intent, engagement, and action are some of the most helpful ones.

(This webinar was live hosted on October 14 2020)

The Speakers


Michele DeVine, Sr. Director, Programmatic & Commerce Partnerships, Buzzfeed



Josh Peters, Director, Global Audience Data Strategy & Data Partnerships, BuzzFeed