Understanding 'Context' - to Beat Blockers, Meet Policies, Crack Revenue

How contextual content and contextual advertising are shaping up, as publishers focus on revenue, UX, ad blocking challenges, and alignment with policy regulations.

April 21 2022 | 1.30 PM GMT | 9.30 AM ET

The Agenda

Contextual ad-serving has been gaining a lot of focus. The importance of ‘Relevance’ is something marketers and publishers are increasingly acknowledging. At the same time, more and more digital users, are finding ways to block ads, causing traffic and revenue loss to publishers.

30% global digital audience uses adblockers to avoid interruptions to their experience. With similar features such as LAT (Limited Ad Tracking) creating more publisher uncertainty and revenue roadblocks, it's time to closely analyze various pieces. Anya Libova and Andreas Jurgensen will help you do that on April 21, 2022.

The Panel


Anya Libova,Director, Publisher Partnerships at Taboola



Andreas Jürgensen, CEO & Founder at Passendo

Insights you will gain

Publishers are excited about serving ads that are contextual in nature. It's important to understand how this engages web visitors and eventually contributes to revenue.

Programmatic, contextual ad-serving, and ad-focused revenue are on a constant rise. But so are blockers. Many visitors want uninterrupted experiences. So where is the middle ground?

Various aspects of a publisher’s business are managed well through the right partnerships. This is a subject of deep discussion.

Cookie deprecation will happen in 2023. The access to information about digital audience behaviour could significantly reduce. How are publishers looking at this in the context of serving ads?