Types of Header Bidding: Expectations vs. Reality

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About the Webinar

Header bidding has continually evolved since its arrival in the industryㄧfrom simpler client-side implementations, to complex server-side setups, and now to newer hybrid models which claim to offer the best of both worlds. So, how to figure our which out of the three is the ideal setup for your website?
In this webinar with Ad-Juster, we’ll talk about the types of header bidding to help publishers understand more about this optimization technology, and try to provide a realistic view of how header bidding can help you grow your ad revenue.
(This webinar was live hosted on February 13 2020)

The Presenter


Stuart Moncada, VP of Products, Ad-Juster
Ad-Juster is a leading provider of reporting and analytics for digital advertising, serving over half of the top 50 comScore-ranked web publishers. As VP Products, Stuart Moncada has brought to market the programmatic advertising platform, ProgrammaticIQ, and direct-sold platform, FlowIQ. The platforms integrate with hundreds of advertising data providers—enabling clients to unify disparate data unified and generate actionable insights.