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The Agenda

In this webinar, Rob Beeler shares how identity will emerge as one of the most critical aspects when Google eliminates 3rd party cookies altogether. He mentions that the identity space will be like online dating—you swipe for who you want to serve.

Further, while we have all heard that data is the new oil, Rob rightly points out that third-party data is the oil that is destroying the digital environment and first-party data has to be developed like solar energy. He also talks about the importance of outsourcing and automation for better decision making.

(This webinar was live hosted on October 14 2020)

The Speaker


Rob Beeler, Chairperson // AdMonsters

Known as the Content Czar of AdMonsters for the past 11 years, Rob now plays the role of Strategic Advisor at AdMonsters, advising the brand and contributing content. Rob is also founder of Beeler.Tech offering training, research and consulting services to the digital media community. He’s been either doing ad operations or talking about it for over 20 years having started at Advance Internet as the only Ad Operations person.