The Future of Programmatic: Beyond The Crisis

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The Agenda

Like many industries, digital advertising also continues to face uncertainty this year due to the outbreak. Though, with the recent developments and ad spend trends, some signs of optimism are beginning to emerge.

So what’s next for members of the programmatic ecosystem? In this webinar, Will Doherty will share his findings and takeaways based on his conversations with the buy- & sell-side, as well as his advice on how web publishers can take the steps to secure their bottom line in this uncertain time.

(This webinar was live hosted on June 23 2020)

The Speaker


Will Doherty, Executive Vice President, Global Marketplace Development at Index Exchange

Will focuses on identifying and securing new partners across programmatic platforms and digital marketers to ensure they have access to the cleanest and most premium publishers in the programmatic landscape. At Index Exchange, he helps orient client operations to New York City and establish Index as a premier global advertising exchange. Prior to joining Index, Will Doherty oversaw business development for Netmining and (later acquired by Alloy Media). His expertise in ad tech has been recognized by industry publications including Ad Age, Adweek, and Digiday.