Tech Trends Powering Publishers' Programmatic Revenue

Evaluating technological components that are determining the publisher’s journey and resulting financial outcomes

March 24 2022 | 11:00 AM ET | 3 PM GMT

The Agenda

Real-time Bidding and programmatic continue to gain prominence. But what is all this worth, without the right technology enablements? With the emergence of AI/ML and several other tech capabilities, publishers and marketers are trying to get the best out of the available options.

Whether SSP/DSP integrations, different delivery channels, and devices, or other tech elements, publishers, in particular, are constantly seeking to understand ways to leverage modern-day technology. But how does one understand and achieve all this? Amaia del Olmo (VP, Demand Sales, and Partnership at EMXDigital) and Adriana Tailor (Global Partnerships at Azerion) will help you figure out, on May 24, 11 AM ET

The Panel

Amaia del Olmo-1 (1)

VP, Demand Sales and Partnership at EMXDigital


Adriana Tailor (3)-1

Global Partnerships at Azerion

Insights you will gain

How publishers have embraced technology in recent times

With deep learning and natural language processing abilities, AI and ML can indeed transform digital publishing processes significantly.

One of the big trends uncovered in the study is that publishers are now using more SSPs to sell advertising on their sites.

The programmatic landscape looks promising. What will be some of the anticipated technologies that will contribute publisher revenue?