Seasonality Trends In H1

Navigating H1 Seasonality Trends with Insights from Industry Leaders

January 18th 2024, Thursday | 7:00 pm SIN time

Webinar Overview

In this webinar, we delve into the global impact of seasonal trends in the ad tech and publishing space, with a primary focus on strategies for navigating the Q1 Slump and effective website monetization in H1 overall. 

There are a few measures that publishers can follow to leverage the seasonal trends and to minimize the risks. Listen to this webinar hosted with Dikshant Joshi, Director of Publisher Development at AdPushup to learn about the best tips and industry practices.

The Panel

Dikshant - placeholder image

Dikshant Joshi, Director Publisher Development, Zelto

Key Insights:

- Factors include advertiser budget resets, post holiday consumer fatigue, and seasonality trends.

- With Flying carpet, publishers witnessed an uplift on their ad unit eCPM by up to 18%, while  the mobile page RMP increased by 33%.
- With AdPushup’s instream video ads, publishers can maximize the yield with over 5X RPM.

- Reconfiguring the price floor optimization strategy.
- Evaluating the header bidding setup to find potential opportunities.