Role Of AI For Publishers

Webinar Overview:

Watch this exclusive webinar on the "Role of AI for Publishers”, featuring Suparna Singh, CEO of and gain valuable insights into how AI is revolutionizing the publishing industry and how publishers can leverage AI to enhance their content strategies, engagement, drive traffic, and optimize monetization, more effectively.

From AI-powered content creation and curation to audience segmentation and personalized recommendations- discover strategies to streamline workflows, improve content quality, and deliver more relevant and engaging experiences for the audiences. 

The Panel

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Suparna Singh, CEO and Founder, FRAMMER AI
Ex-President & CEO, NDTV




Shaunak Thakkar, Associate Publisher Development Manager, AdPushup


Key Insights You Can Expect:

 Get a comprehensive overview of latest AI trends and technologies and how they are shaping the ad tech and publishing industry on a global scale.

Suparna shares invaluable insights and strategies to leverage AI and create high-quality, engaging content at scale. Learn how to integrate AI into your content strategy and gain a strategic edge over competitors.

Acquire effective strategies for delivering personalized content recommendations and enhancing audience engagement using AI.
Discover proven optimization strategies for effective website monetization.