Publisher 1st Party Data: From Striving to Thriving

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So long cookies. Welcome first-party data. Though there's some still time left until third-party cookies depart, publishers have already started to replace them by inviting first-hand data to the campaign parties and marketing bashes talking all about, "how to live with first-party data as we used to with third-party?"
The industry was habitual to exploiting user data to whatever extent it could, but things have changed, and it's now time to replace old habits. In this webinar with Josh Peters, we'll discuss the collection, deployment, usage, and compliance methods of first-party audiences that work for publishers, along with discovering how to continue scaling the ad revenue by replacing third-party with first-party data.
(This webinar was live hosted on July 23 2020)

The Presenter


Josh Peters, Director - Data Partnerships at BuzzFeed
Josh manages BuzzFeed's global audience data and partnerships and is responsible for all initiatives related to BuzzFeed’s global first-party audience data collection and usage. In his role, he oversees the campaign strategy and deploys the technology stack, ensures global compliance with privacy and security regulations, provides advanced insights to internal teams, and manages client and vendor relationships. Josh has over 14 years of experience as a digital marketer and has been featured in The Drum’s 2019 Digerati list of top leaders in digital marketing and was among the first Social Media Marketing authors.