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Oct 14 2020 | Hosted by AdPushup

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AdPushup Programmatic MeetUp 2020

Programmatic is not the same as it used to be: 3rd party cookie preparing to exit the web from the back door in January. The onset of the global crisis since March affecting the bottom line. The long due shift to 1st party data finally securing a spot in the industry.

While this is just the bigger picture visible to the eye, the future of ad tech is more dynamic than imagination, and only those who take on the new bets and adapt the changes at pace will survive.

In the Programmatic Meetup 2020, we'll go live with the experts to discover how publishers can navigate through the unpredictable path and what should be the next moves as 2021 is fast approaching.

The Speakers

Killol Buch
Manager, Online Partnerships at Google
Bianca Jochimsen
Bianca Jochimsen
Head of GCPP at Google
Scott Messer, Leaf Group
Scott Messer
SVP and General Manager, Media at Leaf Group
Michele DeVine, BuzzFeed
Michele DeVine
Sr. Director, Programmatic & Commerce Partnerships at BuzzFeed
Josh Peters
Josh Peters
Director, Global Audience Data Strategy & Partnerships at BuzzFeed
Rob Beeler, AdMonsters
Rob Beeler
Founder, Beeler.Tech | Chairperson at AdMonsters
Emily Roberts
Programmatic Trading Manager, EMEA at BBC Global News
Amit Shetty
Sr. Director, Product at IAB Tech Lab
Ankit Oberoi, AdPushup
Ankit Oberoi
Founder and CEO at AdPushup
Dikshant Joshi, AdPushup
Dikshant Joshi
Director of Publisher Development at AdPushup
Abhinav Choudhri
Abhinav Choudhri
Director, Ad Operations at AdPushup
Vivek Khandelwal
Vivek Khandelwal
Founder, IZooto


(Timing in EST / Event will be recorded)

10:40 AM
Welcome Note :: Vivek Khandelwal, Founder // Izooto
Introduction to AdPushup Programmatic Meetup 2020. Housekeeping—must know facts for attendees. A walk through the programmatic timeline—how 2020 was, what 2021 is expected to be like.
11:00 AM
Pivot to Programmatic :: Ankit Oberoi, Founder and CEO // AdPushup
Setting the stage for the experts. A fast-forward of the entire upcoming session. Recapping 2020 by unveiling key data facts around programmatic. Realizing publisher challenges from different angles and navigating a way ahead.
11:30 AM
Diving Into New Publisher Data & Audience :: Scott Messer, SVP and General Manager, Media // Leaf Group
Emerging data trends and patterns that can help publishers build new, better-engaged audiences. Scope of monetization with the embark of first-party data. Changes expected in everyday programmatic transactions like media trading. Open Q&A.
12:00 PM
Demystifying Ad Manager for Publishers :: Killol Buch, Manager, Online Partnerships // Google
A tour of Google Ad Manager from a publishers' point of view. Driving through features that help take actionable steps towards ad revenue. Open ask me anything.
12:30 PM
Working with a GCPP :: Bianca Jochimsen, Head of GCPP // Google and Dikshant Joshi, Director of Publisher Development // AdPushup
The benefits of working with a Google Certified Publishing Partner—fueling publisher growth through GCPP collaboration, and a look at success stories to empower budding and growing publishers.
01:00 PM
Unifying Publishers, Programmatic, and 1P Data :: Michele DeVine, Sr. Director, Programmatic & Commerce Partnerships and Josh Peters, Director, Global Audience Data Strategy & Data Partnerships // BuzzFeed
Approaching first-party data collection and the role of affiliates in the deal. Using insights from programmatic and affiliates to help drive editorial strategy and publisher ROI. Open Q&A.
01:45 PM
Lunch :: Take a break, be back soon!
For the time being, a few fun facts: Candy Crush brings in a reported $633,000 a day in revenue. Tuesday is the most productive day at work. The Rubik's cube is the best-selling product of all time, iPhone being second.
02:00 PM
Open Chat with Attendees
Questions? Thoughts? Stories? Got something to share? It's an open mic so say what you think. Just raise a hand and get talking with the panelists onboard.
02:30 PM
The Programmatic Driven Publisher :: Rob Beeler, Chairperson // AdMonsters
A glance at how publishing is changing. Working in not a just programmatic-only, but a programmatic-driven environment. Forecasting the evolution of responsibilities for programmatic pros going forward. Open Q&A.
Cracking the Complexity of (M)ad Tech :: Dikshant Joshi, Director, Publisher Development // AdPushup
Addressing challenges in an ever-changing ad tech ecosystem. Solving complexities of inhouse vs. outsource. Maintaining pace with the changes in ad tech to safeguard ad revenue.
03:30 PM
Inside The Brand Safety Playbook :: Emily Roberts, Programmatic Trading Manager, EMEA // BBC Global News
Understanding the significance of a brand-friendly environment for web publishers. Discovering how news and media brands can engage audiences without compromising the image. Fireside chat about all things brand safety.
04:00 PM
Against Ad Fraud and Towards Transparency :: Amit Shetty, Sr. Director of Product // IAB Tech Lab
Familiarizing publishers with anti-ad fraud initiatives. Building transparency in the digital advertising ecosystem including the supply-side. Minimizing opportunities for ad fraud by identifying loopholes.
Publishers' Playground :: Abhinav Choudhri, Director, Ad Operations // AdPushup
Experts are in the house, so ask us anything in this open Q&A session—from types of header bidding to technology optimization, ad ops expertise to ad optimization techniques, technology implementation to publisher performance.


Answer to all your questions during exclusive 'ask-me-anything' sessions with featured experts on the panel.
Recording of lessons from programmatic practitioners to help you cope with the dynamic nature of ad tech.

They say knowledge is free, and yes, we live by that. Absolutely no cost to register for or attend this event!

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