Navigating Publisher Tactics in Ever-Evolving Programmatic

A conversation to help publishers take a deep dive into the rapidly changing dynamics of programmatic advertising.

March 24 2022 | 11:00 AM ET | 3 PM GMT

The Agenda

Programmatic has been gaining rising focus over the years. With the pandemic acting as a catalyst, there’s an increasing number of businesses that are looking to leverage programmatic advertising. Studies reveal that programmatic buying reached almost $455 Bn in 2021 and is anticipated to reach nearly $524.31 Bn in 2022.  However, there are several moving pieces. 3rd party cookies saying bye-bye in 2023, the right education and awareness, effective training, contextual programmatic activities, and lots more. To help us understand what strategies publishers need to adopt, Rebecca Ackers and Helene Parker, 2 programmatic experts will be sharing thoughts, as we decode the nuances of the future of programmatic.

The Panel

Rebecca Ackers

MD, UK & Nordics, Magnite


Helene Parker

Founder, Helene Parker Consulting LLC

Insights you will gain

Are publishers staying awake to the changing dynamics of the programmatic ecosystem? What sort of knowledge is required? What kind of training or skillset will be useful for resources?


AI, for example, is increasingly becoming critical for marketers to assess data. What kinds of technology are publishers looking to leverage?

A conversation about changes in the programmatic landscape wouldn’t be complete without a discussion about data and how best to leverage it; particularly bearing in mind publisher strategies in line with the third-party cookie deprecation of 2023.

Testing, according to experts, will be a key factor, as programmatic undergoes dynamic changes. What could be some of the nuances, on the path of achieving perfection?