Ad Monetization in 2021: Publishers at Peace or Pace? [India Edition]

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The Agenda

After a year that was no less than a roller coaster ride for publishers, it's time to welcome a new year. Fluctuating ad spends, the unusual uptick in traffic, sharp declines in eCPMs, and phasing out of third-party cookies—the ad tech industry has seen it all. While it has begun to normalize, we aren't fully there yet. So what's going to be the focus for publishers in India this time around to fill the void for the losses they faced last year?

In this webinar, we'll be in an open chat with Amit from CarDekho and Ahtesham from NDTV, to discover which road programmatic experts have on their map in terms of increasing ad revenue goals to make 2021 better than the last one.

The Panel

Amit Rai, CarDekho

Amit Rai, Head of Media Operations and Programmatic, CarDekho


Ahtesham Ali, VP of Operations and Programmatic, NDTV