Scoring Monetisation Goals During FIFA World Cup

Understanding sports websites’ strategies amid FIFA World Cup in Q4

September 30 2022 | 3:30 PM IST | 10 AM GMT

The Agenda

The Q4 eCPM spike is a norm in the ad tech industry, and with the FIFA World Cup this year in the same quarter, expectations are high that sports websites will witness a huge jump in their ad revenue. Leading strategic roles with two of the most-celebrated sports websites, both speakers explain their approach to Q4 and why they think this quarter will be unlike any other.

From partnering with unique brands to coping with constantly evolving GDPR rules and the inevitable cookie-apocalypse, this insightful session reveals what goes behind the scenes in the publishers’ world to monetise their website. 

The Panel


Susanne Sperling
Chief Commercial Officer at


Eleonora LI

Eleonora Trotta
Director at

Insights you will gain

A dilemma every publisher goes through and how to find the perfect balance. 

How social media (especially Twitter) is the first place where any news is broken and how sports websites can leverage it.

Not a boon for everyone: The FIFA World Cup would definitely provide a wider reach but will it be equally profitable? Find out.

How publishers are bracing themselves for a cookie-less world.