Measuring Core Web Vitals with Google

A session in which publishers can hear from Google and understand the 'What/Why/How' of measuring Core Web Vitas for improved user experience (UX).

July 20 2021 | 11 AM EST | 3 PM GMT

The Agenda

There are countless sites on the web. And most of the site owners want to deliver supreme UX to their web visitors. To help the owners achieve this, Google has laid emphasis on Core Web Vitals (CWV), which when measured accurately, ensure great UX. And that further results in greater engagement on websites.

However, measuring CWV is a tricky affair involving key parameters such as Page Load speeds, Lighthouse scores, Lab Data/Field Data., and lots more. In this webinar, Melissa Mitchell, Web Ecosystems Consultant at Google, will help us understand the importance and several nuances of CWV and how publishers can benefit from accurately measuring CWV.

The Panel

Melissa Mitchell-1-1

Web Ecosystems Consultant, Google



Director - Publisher Development, AdPushup

Insights you will gain

Significance of Core Web Vitas in the context of User Experience

Parameters covered as a part of measuring Core Web Vitals, such as Page Speed Insights, Lighthouse Scores, Chrome Dev Tools, Web Vitals Extension, and Search Console)

Prioritizing between business and user experience on the website interface

The potential risk of publishers misunderstanding the UX they are delivering and what web visitors feel about publishers' sites.