Leveraging video Ads in 2023

An unchartered territory for many publishers - understand the true potential of video ads

March 2 2023 | 10:20 - 10:50 AM CST

The Agenda

Video ad spending will increase by 41.9% by 2024, as per a report. Though, video ads, if not implemented well, can slow down your webpage. So how to do it effectively? Akshay Varma, Director of Product at Adpushup, delves deeper into the video ads market, and how a large chunk of publishers are still missing out on this gold mine of an opportunity. 

The Panel



Akshay Verma, Director of Product at AdPushup





Arbitrary content might potentially throw people off, argues Akshay Varma

Why it’s a must to have a good chunk of relevant set of videos in your library

How video libraries can eat up to 30-50% of your video ad revenue.

Why a lot of publishers are hesitant to deploy video ads on their platforms