Video Ads: Instream Vs Outstream Videos

Video ads have been the backbone of various web publishers’ monetization strategies for years. A more engaging format than traditional display advertising, most advertisers are ready to pay premium rates for them.

Instream and Outstream video ads are two formats in which the publishers have found the most success. Owing to their high effectiveness and tremendous reach, these two formats have become the preferred choice for advertisers.

So as a publisher, which is better for you? Can you use both? What does the future of Video Ads look like? Check out our guide to get a clear understanding of the fundamentals of Instream and Outstream videos.

In this guide, you will learn:
  • Instream Video Ads and their Types
  • Outstream Video Ads and their Types
  • Instream vs Outstream
  • What the Future Holds?