Inside The Brand Safety Playbook

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The Agenda

In this webinar, Emily shares how brand safety is not the same as brand suitability. To explain the same, she shares an interesting example. She highlights what might not fall under the category of safety for most brands could still fall under the category of suitability for some brands.

For any publisher, especially news-based, it is integral to focus on the authenticity of content you are publishing instead of the pace at which it goes out—a balance between the two is needed. It is also important to understand the difference between platforms and publishers when it comes to monetizing keywords.

(This webinar was live hosted on October 14 2020)

The Speaker


Emily Roberts, Programmatic Trading Manager, EMEA, BBC Global News

Emily runs the Programmatic Sales efforts for BBC Global News Europe, Middle East and Africa, supporting both the sales and leadership teams across EMEA. Emily is also an IAB Europe member, and in her trajectory at the BBC, she has been closely observing brand safety alongside her contribution to the programmatic front of the experience.