How to Survive the Cookie-less Web

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About the Webinar

After Safari and Firefox, Chrome is now also set to block third-party cookies within two years. So, what's the fuss if there's still time? For years, publishers have been using third-party cookies for behavioral targeting, ignoring the utility of first-party data. Now the concern is, what's in store for publishers in post-cookie world?
n this webinar with Sophie Toth, Global Programmatic and Ad Tech Lead at Euronews, we'll discuss how the deprecation of third-party cookies will impact ad revenue, alternate solutions and strategies, and how publishers can safeguard their revenue.
(This webinar was live hosted on April 2 2020)

The Presenter


Sophie Toth, Global - Programmatic and Ad Tech Lead, EuroNews
Sophie is 10 years experienced in digital and 6 years in programmatic industry. She is a big advocate of recognition of ad ops and tech people along with education, communication, and fair businesses. Sophie believes digital is a complex but incredible virtual world and it should be made transparent, creditable, and accessible with a respect of users' privacy and trust.