How to improve the Ad Viewability Score?

Viewability has become an important metric for publishers who want to ensure that ads are being seen and performing as expected. Simply put, ads that are not viewed have no value. Hence, advertisers won’t put ads on sites where they’re not performing, meaning, that viewability is an essential tool for publishers to increase their ad revenue.

The higher the viewability score, the better would be the performance as well as demand for the publisher’s inventory. The ideal viewability score that publishers aim for is more than 70%, however, 50-70% is still an acceptable figure. Anytime, it drops to less than 50%, more focus needs to be put to improve the rate.

So how do you improve this score? Download now to find out!

In this e-book, you will learn:
  • What is Ad Viewability?
  • Impact of Low Viewability Rate on Revenue
  • Factors that make Ad Non-viewable
  • Improving the Ad Viewability Score

Ad Viewability