How brands plan their advertising budget

Recession or not, a lot of brainstorming happens when brands plan their advertising budget. Tune in to know how publishers can leverage this information.

March 2 2023 | 09:50- 10:20 AM CST

The Agenda

“2023 is going to be the year of Connected TV(CTV) ads; everyone should be testing it,” says Anjlee Majmudar, Vice-President of Programmatic (North America) at Brainlabs. Watch her talk about brand safety, programmatic ads, a cookie-less world, the upsides to running programmatic ads instead of direct ads, and more.

The Panel



Anjlee Majmudar, VP, Programmatic (North America) at Brainlabs





Performance, customization, data - know what’s most important for advertisers

Not all advertisers have a robust set of first-party data that’s why they turn up to publishers, argues Anjlee

Amid a deluge of new content released during and after the pandemic, Anjlee explains why advertisers consider brand safety a top priority.

Advertisers are looking to have long-term partnerships with only those publishers who have a data management strategy in place. Understand why it’s important.