Hiring & developing resources in a dynamic ad tech space

Focusing on an organization’s most important asset - its employees.

March 2 2023 | 10:50- 11:20 AM CST

The Agenda

There is a lot of technical jargon one has to go through once someone joins the ad tech industry. How do employers keep their employees updated with the current trends and motivated at the same time? Helene Parker Founder of Programmatic Digest Podcast and Abhinav Choudhary Director of Ad Operations at Zelto talk about the challenges and solutions for hiring and grooming individuals in an ever-evolving industry like ad tech.

The Panel


Helene Parker, Founder of Programmatic Digest Podcast



Abhinav Choudhri, Director, Ad Operations at AdPushup


Learn soft and technical skills to excel in this industry, argues Helene.

The will to learn and communications skills are primary for me while hiring new talent, says Abhinav.

Onboarding and networking are really, really important, asserts Helene.

By 2025, 75% of workers would start demanding hybrid or remote setup. What must employers do to keep their top talent?