First Fold - Digital Edition

Experts in the ad tech space address the most pressing concerns.

March 2 2023 | 09:00 AM CST | VIRTUAL

The Agenda

The ad tech sector is noticing a slowdown, with marketers cutting back on ad spending and pausing experimental initiatives. Q1 is when publishers brace themselves for a drop in eCPMs while advertisers rigorously plan their budget for the year ahead. 

What happens when recession enters the scene and seasonality trends take a back seat? As consumers are likely to spend less, advertisers will continue to be cautious in their expenditures. And we need strategies for publishers to earn the best that they can. 

In the First Fold - Digital Edition, experts from the industry shed light on a diverse set of topics - from strategizing amid evolving privacy laws and changing ad tech landscape in 2023, leveraging video ads, to hiring and developing resources in a dynamic ad tech space.

The Panel


Sheryl Goldstein, EVP, Chief Industry Growth Officer at IAB


Anjlee Majmudar, VP, Programmatic (North America) at Brainlabs


Helene Parker, Founder of Programmatic Digest Podcast


Pam Zucker, Chief Strategy Officer at IAB



Vivek Khandelwal, the founder of iZooto, believes the internet’s fission moment is here with high-functioning AI leading to a content explosion. Vivek wants publishers to double down on First-Party Data as it is their insurance against a future that is inevitably cookie-less.  

"Despite a slow start to 2023 and a lot of uncertainty due to global economic conditions, there is optimism in the ad tech community about the second half of the year," says Sheryl Goldstein (EVP, Chief Industry Growth Officer at IAB). Hear Sherly and Pam Zucker (Chief Strategy Officer at IAB) in a free-flowing discussion that covers privacy laws, the changing ad tech landscape, and much more. 

“2023 is going to be the year of Connected TV(CTV) ads; everyone should be testing it,” says Anjlee Majmudar, Vice-President of Programmatic (North America) at Brainlabs. Watch her talk about brand safety, programmatic ads, a cookie-less world, and more.

Video ad spending will increase by 41.9% by 2024, as per a report. Akshay Varma, Director of Product at Adpushup, delves deeper into the video ads market and how a large chunk of publishers are still missing out on this gold mine of an opportunity. 

There is a lot of technical jargon one has to through once someone joins the ad tech industry. Helene Parker Founder of Programmatic Digest Podcast and Abhinav Choudhary Director of Ad Operations at Zelto talk about the challenges and solutions for hiring and grooming individuals in an ever-evolving industry like ad tech.