Fighting Fraud in Programmatic

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Webinar Agenda

According to Statista, ad fraud will cost publishers $44 billion in lost revenue in 2020. According to an older IAB report, for every $3 spent on digital ads, $1 goes to ad fraud. The immense monetary damages aside, many types of ad fraud damage user experience and put personal user data at risk.
So, how can they protect their users and brand reputation against it? In this webinar, we'll discuss the current state of ad fraud, the various ways in which it is perpetrated, and finally, a checklist on how to protect ad revenue.
(This webinar was live hosted on July 30 2020)

The Presenter


Tommy S., Publisher Development at AdPushup 
With 8+ years of experience in the ad tech industry, Tommy has worked with leading web publishers like Fork Media and Indian Express, among others, along with facilitating the buying and selling of ad inventory at various other ad tech companies like Affinity and BrightCom. At AdPushup, Tommy helps publishers recognize their programmatic potential and optimize revenue by deploying various ad technologies.