Cracking the Complexity of (M)ad Tech

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The Agenda

In this webinar, Dikshant talks about various principles for cracking the (M)ad tech space - pun intended. Moving on to the technology adoption curve, he shares that the industry is still in the stage of innovators and early adopters when it comes to first-party cookies. Next, for simplifying complex integrations, the secrets are modularization and visual UI.

With respect to data aggregation and analysis, unified dashboards and data analysis are what need to be in place. Another crucial aspect is automation, which could significantly push publishers in the right direction. The vision behind automation should be the exploration and exploitation of relevant insights.

(This webinar was live hosted on October 14 2020)

The Speaker


Dikshant Joshi, Director, Publisher Development // AdPushup

Dikshant has a diverse experience of working in different roles, from supply-side relations to demand-side relations, managing key accounts and partnerships, and contributing towards the strategic goals of the company.