Brand, Content, Ads, Monetization - Publisher’s benefits in rising digital!

Understanding how publishers are enabling targeted marketing and resulting Win-Wins for all!

February 23 2022 | 10:30 AM EST | 4 PM GMT

The Agenda

The digital ecosystem is getting stronger and has increased focus on new requirements, partnerships, focus areas, and outcomes. While publishers are looking to cash in on the exponential rise of digital content and advertising, marketers want better brand-building, ad-serving platforms, effective technology, and more.

On Feb 22, Jimmy Hutcheson and Dikshant Joshi will help us understand the different nuances of digital and the various areas of publisher value.


The Panel

Jimm Hutcheson

CEO at Spin


Dikshant Joshi-1

Director, Publisher Development at AdPushup

Insights you will gain

How publishers can contribute to enable marketers strengthen their brand identity

AI is critical for marketers to assess data. What kinds of technology are publishers looking to leverage?

Contextual advertising is rising. What’s the publisher take on this?

It's not an isolated survival. Partnerships are key. How do publishers and advertisers build partnerships?