AdSense Policy Violations, Fixed

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About the Webinar

AdSense is a first-to-mind ad network that is relatively easy to onboard and get started with. However, it still comes with its own set of rules and policies that advertisers and publishers must follow in order to continue monetizing.
The intent of these policies is to make sure the platform is best utilized while keeping the web under a clean and controlled environment. In this session, Dikshant demonstrates live examples of policy violations that publishers often fall for—consciously or unconsciously, along with recommended methods on how to remain compliant throughout, and finally, steer clear from Google's policy violation radar in the long run.
(This webinar was hosted in August 2020)

The Presenter


Dikshant Joshi, Director of Publisher Development, APAC, AdPushup

Dikshant has diverse experience in the ad tech space, from handling supply-side and demand-side relations, managing key accounts and partnerships, to working on strategic goals related to product development and sales.