Ad Ops 101: Metrics That Matter

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Webinar Agenda

Ad operations is not limited to the optimization of performance metrics like eCPM, Page RPM, or ad CTR. The scope of data is beyond that, and with great data, comes great responsibility—to constantly generate and improve yield for publishers.
So what data sets and patterns in ad ops are yet to be discovered? In this webinar with Angelina, we'll discover the day-to-day metrics that power ad operations, emerging measurement mechanisms that would impact the ad performance, and practices that would directly reflect on a publisher's programmatic revenue.
(This webinar was live hosted on August 13 2020)

The Presenter


Angelina Eng, VP, Measurement and Attribution, IAB & IAB Tech Lab
With 24+ years of digital media and operations experience, Angelina has supported brands to define, build, and manage their digital media and marketing efforts. At IAB, she collaborates with the IAB’s Center of Excellence, IAB Research, IAB and Tech Lab groups, and other trade bodies to help bridge business and technical conversations. Angelina has been awarded the IAB Data Rockstar 2016, AdMonsters Digital Media Leadership Award 2016, and AdMonsters Power List 2018.