AdBlock Traffic: The Cost of Missing Ads

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At 15.7% in 2014, 21.5% in 2016, 24.9% in 2018, and currently, 26.4% in 2020 as per Statista—Adblocking penetration among users is steadily covering the distance adding serious threats to publishers' bottom line. The increase probably doesn't look humungous, however, every single blow on each dollar hurts the ad revenue.

What's worse? Publishers don't get to see the real picture as to how much revenue they're losing and if there's a way to secure it. In this webinar with Eye/O, we'll discuss how to unravel the chaos, and find out potential ad-block traffic monetization methods to help bring the money back on the table.

(This webinar was live hosted on October 28 2020)



Aditya Padhye, Director of Business Development, Eye/O

Aditya is an ad tech enthusiast. Over the past decade he has worked closely with many global publishers, advertisers and ad tech solutions alike and has a deep understanding of the programmatic landscape. Aditya joined eyeo GmbH in 2018, inspired by eyeo's mission of putting users in charge of a fair, profitable web. In his role as Director of Business Development he is responsible for creating awareness about the Acceptable Ads program and building relationships with various parties from the worlds of advertising, media and technology. His expertise in the field of programmatic advertising and ad blocking make him a true thought leader.