A Publisher's Roadmap for Black Friday, Q4 2020, and Q1 Slump 2021

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The Agenda

In this panel discussion, Ben Ilfeld from VentureBeat, Josh Rubin from The Daily Dot, and Ekin Koseoglu from Interesting Engineering talk about their plans for Q4—the quarter of higher eCPMs. They particularly delve into Black Friday and what it means for publishers in a year as unpredictable as 2020. They agree that the last quarter (and Black Friday) is the time to build upon context-based advertising, especially with third-party cookies phasing out.

Given the global conditions, they also expect higher ad revenues to last longer this time and further transition into the first quarter—questioning the revenue slump that data predicts for publishers. With so much that can happen around this time, there is a lot to learn from the strategies that they are building.

(This panel discussion was live hosted on November 18 2020)

The Panel


Ekin Koseoglu, COO, Interesting Engineering



Ben Ilfeld, Head of Product, VentureBeat



Josh Rubin, Managing Director of Creative Strategy, The Daily Dot