9 Questions About Header Bidding We Always Wanted to Ask

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March 25 2021 | 11:00 AM EST | 3 PM GMT

The Agenda

Header bidding has brought about a strikingly positive change in the ad tech ecosystem due to its efficiencies. In 2020, 38 out of the top 50 global publishers were using this technique to increase their ad revenue, and this number is only growing. And why not? When we talk about increasing CPM, header bidding has proven to be high yielding for publishers.

In this webinar, we'll ask Remo Chipatiso, Senior Programmatic Manager at Infoplaza questions related to his approach of working with header bidding, and how did he align it with their internal revenue goals and expectations.

The Panel


Senior Programmatic Manager at Infoplaza (Weeronline & Weerplaza)



Publisher Development Representative, EUR at AdPushup



Publisher Development Manager, APAC at AdPushup




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