0 to 1: Acing First-party Data and Subscriptions

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March 24 2021 | 2 PM EST

The Agenda

As cookie demise in the ad tech industry is precisely just 9 months away, it's now time for publishers to seek expertise from industry experts who forecasted cookie-loss long back and equipped for it in time. In this session, Scott Messer, SVP Media at Leaf Group, is going to answer the most sought-after questions about 1P data migration for publishers.

Parallelly, subscriptions have always added significant value to publishers' revenue streams and have helped in building a loyal audience. However, even in 2021, the subscription business model has yet to be leveraged to its maximum potential. In this session, we'll also have Travis Bernard, Senior Director of Subscriptions at TechCrunch, who will unravel the back story of TC's core subscription model, Extra Crunch.

The Panel

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Senior Director of Memberships at TechCrunch



SVP and General Manager, Media at Leaf Group

Insights you will gain

Answer to all your questions during exclusive 'ask-me-anything' sessions with featured experts on the panel.

Recording of lessons from programmatic practitioners to help you cope with the dynamic nature of ad tech.

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